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Meet Our Team

squire town street blackberry

Name: Sarah Mcdonell

Status: Master Barber

Experience: 25+

Specialty: All-round

Hobbies and Interests: Formula 1, Skiing, Waterfalls, Walking, Classical Music

Booking Link:

Owner of Squire, teacher and extreme sport enthusiast Sarah has been keeping the local community looking sharp since taking over Squire in 1995. Always eager to give back to the community, Sarah has also spent 7 years of her career educating students at Intuitions School of Hairdressing and Beauty, Harrogate, ensuring new generations meet her tip top standards. An all-round provider, Sarah's extended skill set ranges from perms, fades, scissor cuts and colouring. If you are looking for a trim you won't want to part with and you are up for a diverse chat then Sarah is the barber for you.

sarah action shot old man.jpg
Sarah Skin Fade .jpg
Kelly Picture.jpg

Name: Kelly Thomas 

Status: Senior Barber

Experience:  Years

Specialty: Textured Scissor Cuts  

Hobbies and Interests: Days out with the family, Shopping, Food

Booking Link:

After starting her barbering journey with us 7 years ago Kelly has progressed to become one of our senior barbers. During her time at Squire Kelly has worked with as many different styles you can probably imagine, allowing her to become a complete all-rounder, however she particularly enjoys working with textured scissor cuts


Kelly Action Shot 2.jpg
Kelly cut .jpg
Kelly Action shot for web.jpg
Charmaine lighter profile pic.jpg

Name: Charmaine Marshall

Status: Senior Barber

Experience:  5 Years

Specialty: Skin Fades, Scissor Cuts, Beard Trims

Hobbies and Interests: Music, Gigs, Tattoos, Travelling, Veganism

Booking Link:

Up and coming barber sensation Charmaine has been sending people up and down Town street with fresh trims for the past 2 years. Specialising in skin fadesscissor cuts and beard trims Charmaine always strives for perfection in every aspect of her hair cuts. Possessing a strong passion for music and travelling Charmaine is extremely down to earth and always up for a chat. 

Charmaine Action Shot .jpg
charmaine haircut.jpg
Charmaine trim - Recruitment man .jpg



Name: Julian Webb

Status: Senior Barber

Experience: 3 Years

Specialty: Skin Fades, Mullets

Hobbies + Interests: Raves

Booking Link:

Julian joined us 3 years ago now as an apprentice at just 16. Now one of the more established barbers within the team. Julian is top draw at skin fades, line outs and mullet. A young prodigy furfilling his potential

drop fade V cut
Cat scracthes Skin fade
Julian Webb Squire for men
squire boarder station road -02.jpg
nathan profile pic.jpg

Name: Nathan Mcdonell

Status: Master Barber

Experience: 8 years

Specialty: All Rounder 

Hobbies and Interests: Go Karting, Formula 1, Football, Photography, Design 

Booking Link:

Co-Owner of Squire, Nathan previously worked at Squire Town Street for three years before venturing on his own journey to open Squire Station road. Nathan offers a high-quality service delivering all types of haircuts. If you are up for an outside the box conversation and a premium haircut, Nathan will deliver. 

Naytan Haircut
Beard Line out, Eyebrow slit
Beard Fade
Reece Profile pic.jpg

Name: Reece Baraniak

Status: Senior Barber

Experience: 3 Years

Specialty: Skin Fades 

Hobbies + Interests: LUFC, Boxing, Go Karting, Snooker

Booking Link:

Local Leeds lad and aspiring barber Reece ‘Brucey B’ Braniak offers slick cuts at slim prices. Specialising in skin fades Reece already possesses a loyal following of young lads counting down the days until their next trim.  

DSC_0972 - Copy_edited.jpg
Reece trim on charley x2.jpg
DSC_0834 - Copy.JPG
DSC_0973 - Copy.JPG

Name: Chara Andrews

Status: Senior Barber

Experience:  3 Years

Specialty: Skin Fades, Taper Fades, Afro hair   

Hobbies and Interests: Football 

Booking Link:

After starting her barbering journey with us years ago Chara has progressed to become one of our senior barbers. During his time at Squire Chara has perfected his fades and developed good scissor work with longer hair. Having come from a Female hairdressing background, longer hair can sometimes suit his style


Mullet by Chara
Barber Chilli
Skin Fade Mullet
DSC_E0641 - Copy_edited_edited.jpg

Name: Archie Booth

Status: Junior Barber

Experience:  2 Years

Specialty: Skin Fades

Hobbies and Interests: Football , Pool, Computer games 

Booking Link:

Recently joining the team as of June 2023 Archie joined as a fully qualified barber from Leeds city college. Archie is a calm and chilled individual guaranteeing a good chat once you sit in the chair. Archie joined squire to develop his skill set and further improve his client base, and he certainly hit the ground running perfecting his craft from day one.

Cat Scratches
DSC_0775 - Copy_edited.jpg
French Crop
DSC_E0949 (1) - Copy_edited.jpg

Name: Nathan Mcdonell

Status: Apprentice Barber

Experience: 2 years

Specialty: Mullets, Skin fades

Hobbies and Interests:  Football

Booking Link:

Rohan joined the team in August 2023 after self teaching during lockdown and picking up many regular clients on the way Rohan felt it was time to join one of horsforths finest barbershop to help perfect his craft. Since joining the team Rohan has excelled with his cuts for long and short hair including skin fades, mullet & taper fades. Definitely one to watch for the future.

Stocksy Photo.jpg
Beard Line out, Eyebrow slit
Beard Fade
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