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Meet Our Team

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Name: Sarah Mcdonell

Age: 50

Status: Master Barber

Experience: 25+

Specialty: All-round

Hobbies and Interests: Formula 1, Skiing, Waterfalls, Walking, Classical Music

Owner of Squire, teacher and extreme sport enthusiast Sarah has been keeping the local community looking sharp since taking over Squire in 1995. Always eager to give back to the community, Sarah has also spent 7 years of her career educating students at Intuitions School of Hairdressing and Beauty, Harrogate, ensuring new generations meet her tip top standards. An all-round provider, Sarah's extended skill set ranges from perms, fades, scissor cuts and colouring. If you are looking for a trim you won't want to part with and you are up for a diverse chat then Sarah is the barber for you.

sarah action shot old man.jpg
Sarah Skin Fade .jpg


Kelly Picture.jpg

Name: Kelly Thomas 

Age: 27

Status: Senior Barber

Experience:  4 Years

Specialty: Textured Scissor Cuts  

Hobbies and Interests: Days out with the family, Shopping, Food

After starting her barbering journey with us 4 years ago Kelly has progressed to become one of our senior barbers. During her time at Squire Kelly has worked with as many different styles you can probably imagine, allowing her to become a complete all-rounder, however she particularly enjoys working with textured scissor cuts


Kelly Action Shot 2.jpg
Kelly cut .jpg
Kelly Action shot for web.jpg


Charmaine lighter profile pic.jpg

Name: Charmaine Marshall

Age: 27

Status: Senior Barber

Experience:  2 Years

Specialty: Skin Fades, Scissor Cuts, Beard Trims

Hobbies and Interests: Music, Gigs, Tattoos, Travelling, Veganism

Up and coming barber sensation Charmaine has been sending people up and down Town street with fresh trims for the past 2 years. Specialising in skin fadesscissor cuts and beard trims Charmaine always strives for perfection in every aspect of her hair cuts. Possessing a strong passion for music and travelling Charmaine is extremely down to earth and always up for a chat. 

Charmaine Action Shot .jpg
charmaine haircut.jpg
Charmaine trim - Recruitment man .jpg
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nathan profile pic.jpg

Name: Nathan Mcdonell

Age: 23

Status: Master Barber

Experience: 4 years

Specialty: All Rounder 

Hobbies and Interests: Go Karting, Formula 1, Football, Photography, Design 

Co-Owner of Squire, Nathan previously worked at Squire Town Street for three years before venturing on his own journey to open Squire Station road, which has been operational for one year. Nathan offers a high-quality service delivering trendy, youthful haircuts and beard fades for the majority of lads in the area. If you are up for an outside the box conversation and a premium haircut, Nathan will deliver. 

Stocksy Photo.jpg
DSC_0845 (1).jpg


Reece Profile pic.jpg

Age: 20 

Status: Apprentice

Experience: Working toward MVQ Level 2

Specialty: Skin Fades 

Hobbies + Interests: LUFC, Boxing, Go Karting, Snooker

Local Leeds lad and aspiring barber Reece ‘Brucey B’ Braniak offers slick cuts at slim prices. Specialising in skin fades Reece already possesses a loyal following of young lads counting down the days until their next trim. As he completes his MVQ Level 2 Reece is always eager to practice and learn new skills, striving to become a cut above the competition. 

Reece Action Shot .jpg
Reece trim on charley x2.jpg
Reece Shae Stringwell Cut .jpg
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